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MedX Chiropractic and Injury Center is a state-of-the-art chiropractic office dedicated to offering pain relief to personal injury victims through traditional chiropractic practices. When you come to MedX Chiropractic and Injury Center in Plantation, FL, you can expect to be treated by experienced staff utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques. Most of our patients are personal injury victims who seek pain relief and treatment. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee Perdeck, and he will evaluate your problems with his medical expertise through thorough examination and X-ray procedures. Below we detail what you can expect when you come to our new Plantation office.

Fill Out Patient Forms

The first thing to expect when coming to MedX Chiropractic and Injury Center is to fill out your patient paperwork. We distribute new patient paperwork to collect information on your current health condition along with additional information about your overall health history.


After the appropriate paperwork has been filled out, you will have a consultation with Dr. Perdeck. This time is specifically used to discuss your health-related concerns, problems, and also any potential treatment options for your situation. The consultation portion of your appointment is essential to your care in the office and ensuring that you are in the optimal place for treatment.

Medical Examination and X-Ray

Next, Dr. Perdeck will perform an examination to evaluate your injury (or injuries) that are present in the office at time of examination. These baseline values are collected in order for us to tell a story about your care and make sure that you can continue to progress onward and upward during your treatment in our office. It also may be necessary to perform some X-rays to further evaluate your injury, depending on the nature of your injury and the specific circumstances. X-rays remain one of the most common diagnostic tools to ensure we can help you! X-ray images allow Dr. Perdeck to thoroughly analyze the health of your spine and spot any misalignments of the spine which are key in developing the right treatment for you.


After this initial appointment is concluded, and if there are no additional concerns found during your examination, Dr. Perdeck will proceed with techniques specifically engineered to help you find relief, often as early as the first appointment with us!

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Dr. Lee Perdeck has worked as a chiropractor treating and caring for patients across South Florida for the past four decades. He found his calling through personal experiences healing from sports injuries, and understands firsthand the healing powers of chiropractic care for the injury recovery process. He has also testified in court as an expert witness in many personal injury cases. MedX Chiropractic and Injury Center aims to combine top-notch care with individual attention to serve the community. Call MedX Chiropractic and Injury Center for an appointment today!